The Support Resistance MTF Indicator

The Support Resistance MTF Indicator

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Product Description

The Support Resistance MTF Indicator


With this indicator you will be able to detect high probability reversals setups.

The Support/Resistance MTF indicator is one of the key elements to detect my favorite setup type: Golden Setups

The indicator detects so called “untouched” support and resistance price levels which nearly always produce a sharp reversal once the untouched price level is reached.

Additional benefits with the indicator are:

  • detects support/resistance from higher time frames
  • you can configure how the support/resistance is detected


The following screenshot shows how the untouched support/resistance price levels are drawn (and how the price usually reacts at these levels):


With this indicator you will have an additional information advantage:

While you are searching on lower time frames like M30/H1 for entry opportunities you will see the major support / resistance price levels e.g. from the weekly time frame.


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