aVSA v3.0 Indicator Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Forex Trading

aVSA v3.0 Indicator Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Forex Trading

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Product Description

9 Indicators .ex4 (Unlocked)
10 templates
Document: Position Size Calculator (Russian language)

VR Alert indicator warns the trader that the price has reached the level set by the trader.
The indicator was written to facilitate the work of the trader, in anticipation of breakdown at an important price level, hours and even days may pass.
In order not to sit around the clock in front of the terminal, this indicator was written. The indicator will indicate the level breakdown or arrival of the specified time in the selected way.
Being for a long time before the charts and in front of the monitor, most traders get the effect of “Zamylenny eye.”

Looking at their trading strategy, they do not see any real good signals, and, conversely, where there is nothing, they see their signals.
Advantages of the VR Alert indicator
Ability to monitor breakout of trend levels, both horizontal and inclined
Works with the current updated price
Easy to install and configure
Levels are moved on the chart manually by mouse
Flexible settings of parameters and colors, there are prepared skins
Any trading instruments and any trading periods
It is possible to limit the indicator signals in time

The indicator has four warning systems in case the price or indicator has reached the set values:
Light notification – the graph of the terminal will change the background color
Sound notification – the terminal will play a short tune, attracting the attention of the trader
Notification to the smartphone – the indicator will send a push message to the trader on the smartphone with the name of the trading instrument
Notification on E-Mail – the indicator will send an e-mail to the trader to the post with the name of the indicator and a trading instrument
Instructions for use
Drag the indicator from the Market folder in the terminal navigator to the graph.
Set your indicators according to your trading system.
To set the level to the breakdown, press the button with the text Up; level on breakdown down – Dw; and the time level is the Ti button.
After setting all the lines, you can choose the notification methods, the sound is a melody, the background graph blinks, the Push message, the letter to the mailbox. Sound and flashing work until you turn them off, Push and Writing are sent once and turned off. (To send Push and Letters, you must first configure the terminal).
Program settings
Type Line – type of lines, Horizontal Line – continuous horizontal lines, Trend Line – trend lines.
Color skins template – Color template – skin.
Manual skin Background button – The background color of the buttons.
Manual skin Border button – The color of the border.
Manual skin Text button – The color of the buttons.
Manual skin Color line Up – The color of the line to break up.
Manual skin Color line Dw – Line color to break down.
Manual skin Color line Ti – The color of the line for the breakdown by time.
Manual skin Color alert background chart – The color of the chart when the level breakdown is warned.
Corner label – The angle with respect to which the button about the program is attached.
Position X Button – Offset on the X axis.
Position Y Button – Offset on the Y axis.


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