H-Trader system indicator Forex HybridTrader Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Forex FX Trading

H-Trader system indicator Forex HybridTrader Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Forex FX Trading

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Product Description

Forex Advisor Forex Hybrid Trader Forex Hybrid Trader is a completely new type of trading, including a version of MANUAL with signals and the AUTO TRADE function. In fact, these are three products in one system: a manual indicator, a semi-robot (partially automated signals) and a fully automatic forex advisor. Each market period is good for trading, you may have to switch from one to another depending on the state of an active market. Meanwhile, the idea of ​​the developers was to create one product for use at any time. Tons of various strategies and materials were analyzed to determine the most significant and successful parts of trading systems. And here is the result. The new hybrid generation. Forex Advisor Forex Hybrid Trader is an exclusive system that can simultaneously be both an indicator and a robot. It offers many features on ALL MAJOR PAIRS. H-Trader developers are Forex perfectionists and, as a rule, create both smart and beautiful systems. Every piece of a trading card should be a masterpiece … However, it should be simple and intuitive. H-Trader gives stable signals that are not redrawn – you can check them on the chart at any time. Moreover, it calculates WIN RATIO. Usually, when we hear about the gain / loss ratio, we introduce robots … But now it is also available for manual systems.

The system checks the last 30 signals and takes into account only those signals that are profitable, which have reached at least 10 pips profit. Yes, even if he gets 5 points, it will be considered a loss, since we know that commissions can be applied. Thus, you will definitely agree that although other forex advisors can give “better results” using the best statistics to show, the FX Hybrid gives you the REAL numbers you will have. Create your own personal trading panel – hide or display the necessary parameters, enter and change the settings. Feel free to choose any timeframe from M15 to H4 (including M30, H1). After installation on the chart, you configure the trading panel for your needs. Usually, any Forex system is adapted for certain conditions, such as pairs and time frames. And when you change the recommended setting, it gives only an average result based on previous settings. The development team worked hard to create a self-tuning system with specific trading behavior presets for each Forex pair, since they are against universal products based on the same code for all situations. Their serious study provided sufficient scientific experience to develop a reliable and accurate system that is equally well suited for different couples. H-Trader, which you can download for free, includes this very type of algorithm that offers unlimited possibilities for all major pairs.

USDCAD, M15: good range with profit signals. The H-Trader indicator is professionally accurate, like a heavily aggravated system based on modern and classic indicators and filters. It generates signals that DO NOT redraw, do not move or change their place in history. Any signal is accompanied by a push alert or email notification – just select what you need. But alerts with alerts are the usual manual style, while we suggest trying a new trading approach – starting with a flexible algorithm and ending with the option of automatic trading. It can be a robot or an indicator – you decide! What is a Forex Hybrid Trader 3 + 2 Set MANUAL, SEMI-AUTO, FULL AUTO. Forex Advisor Forex Hybrid Trader can work as a manual indicator. In this mode, it generates signals and issues warnings. You can follow them when you decide. To make it simple and convenient, a semiautomatic function has been added. When you open a trade, Forex Hybrid Trader launches the corresponding protocol, modifies the order using Stop Loss and Take Profit and follows it until it is closed. It represents the dream of all manual traders, you still manage the market, but the process is automated. And fully automatic trading is also available. EXACT SYSTEM. The algorithm is based on a special hybrid core with self-tuning parameters. Therefore, applying it to any of the main pairs, you can be sure that you are using optimized settings, and not just average fixed values. HONEST SYSTEM. There are NO Tricks. Results are not modeled, statistics are not hidden. If you trade manually and follow its signals, you can be sure that it is not redrawn. Signals are not far behind and are in line with the trend. LAST SIGNALS ON M15: Average win / loss is 80-90% Multiple signals with recording accuracy. The winning of playing is automatically calculated by MetaTrader4 based on the signal time and maximum profit. Small wins are not included in the wins. Real. Simply. No manual calculations. No visual tricks. MT4 itself takes all the data from its server and shows the maximum benefit of the signal. Not every robot can give instant feedback, but an H-Trader can.

USDJPY, M15: another good picture. Screenshots show signals of a manual algorithm. If you need, you can set up automatic trading by signals, set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, which will be applied automatically and much more. You create your ROBOT that follows your strategy based on a powerful algorithm. Signals are good when they are frequent and when they are not false. Some systems can be visually beautiful, but if you zoom in, there is virtually no trading opportunity. Hybrid Trader developers have worked hard to find a middle ground between performance and quality. And finally, they did … Signals change quite often, and the drawdown is quite small (except for news feeds). The FX Hybrid offers trading opportunities at any time and on any pair. This is not a scalping style, but it is a robust and multiple algorithm that is available in manual or automatic mode. Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, other pairs are possible Timeframe: M15-M30-H1-H4


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