Gagarin EA Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor Robot

Gagarin EA Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor Robot

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Product Description

Gagarin EA Advisor

GAGARIN EA  is an advisor for small deposits. The first advisor in our line that is able to work with deposits from $ 200 on a regular standard NOT cent account. To enter the trade, the adviser uses a number of indicators: ZigZag, HalfTrend, Stochastic. The adviser does not wait for losing trades and closes when the market turns.

RuNet has a huge number of advisers for small deposits, but their main problem is that they are scalpers, and scalper trading is a trade directed against the broker himself, because he physically does not have time to bring your position to the real market. What do you think will end your scalping trade? As a rule, a 100% drain, even if everything was beautiful on the story and with $ 100 you got $ 100,000. Scalper and news transactions are banned by brokers and are not brought to the real market.

This EA is not a scalper and works calmly according to the trend.

Advisor Parameters:

Currency pairs:  EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY

Profit:  20-50% per month

Minimum deposit:  $ 10,000 (or $ 100 cent)

The EA has a number of settings. You can customize it for any trading style, but we also supply our own settings, which in 5 years increase the deposit up to 32 times.

The results of the adviser for 5 years with a deposit of $ 10,000 – $ 319 973

Video advisor for 5 years.  (Video shortened since full version more than 27 minutes)Video advisor (click to go to view) .mp4

With our settings, the adviser does not enter into transactions often, working mainly on H1 and also analyzes H4, but nevertheless it increases the deposit many times. It is also possible to use the adviser on M15, but there will be much more orders and the load on the deposit will increase. If you have a small deposit, it is better to use our ready-made settings.

Here are the results of working on a live account:

Everyone knows that the ZigZag indicator is redrawn, but we used a unique approach that avoids redrawing it. We are the first to come up with such a signal decryption and it really works!The adviser is suitable for absolutely everyone, since in Runet there are practically no advisers not scalpers who work with small deposits.

Advisor without reference to the account and pc


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