FX Nuke Trading System Unlimited

FX Nuke Trading System Unlimited

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Product Description

  1. FX Nuke Trading System Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Indicator Forex

  2. Hello gentlemen traders! We present to your attention the foreign trading system FX Nuke, based on advanced technologies to determine the exact signals to buy or sell. FX Nuke Trading System is a universal strategy that is suitable for traders with any level of training and trading style. Thanks to the three templates, you can use the FX Nuke strategy for scalping , day trading or swing trading. A convenient control panel CS Dashboard, which determines the strength of currencies in real time, will help you choose the right currency pairs for trading. Advisor FX Nuke is paid, you can buy it on the developer’s site for $ 27 per share, but here you can download FX Nuke for free.
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  4. FX Nuke Strategy Specs
  5. Trading platform – MetaTrader 4
    Trading style – scalping, day trading and swing trading Trading
    time – around the clock
    Timeframe – any
    Currency pairs – 28 currency pairs
    Recommended brokers:Forex4you, Roboforex,XM
  6. FX Nuke Strategy Description
  7. The FX Nuke trading system includes indicators that determine trend reversals. It looks like red and blue dots, as well as the color change of the main indicator Colored Snake. According to the developers, the FX Nuke Trading System indicators do not redraw or lag.
  8. FX Nuke Trading Rules

    1. Choose a strategy template that fits your trading style, and set the desired timeframe:
      1. for FXNukeSCALPTRADE – M1 – M5;
      2. for FXNukeDAYTRADE – from M15 and up;
      3. for FXNukeSWINGTRADE – from H1 and higher.
    2. Using the CS Dashboard, determine which currency pairs are optimal for trading. To do this, select the strongest and weakest currencies. From the example below, we see that the strongest at that time were EUR and AUD, while the weakest were USD and CAD. Of these, you can make 4 currency pairs: EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURCAD and AUD / CAD. It is better to choose pairs with low spread – this is EURUSD and AUDUSD. At the same time, EURUSD and AUDUSD should be considered only purchases, until the strength of currencies changes. In essence, the CS Dashboard is a filter for our FX Nuke deals.


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