Four Currency Pair Hedge Arbitrage v1.1 EA Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Forex Trading

Four Currency Pair Hedge Arbitrage v1.1 EA Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Forex Trading

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Product Description

default settings H4

Put EA in one pair only H4

Four currency pair hedge arbitrage

4. Currency hedging arbitrage EA Before purchasing four currency hedging arbitrage, please note the risk:

1) Past performance does not guarantee future profitability (EA may also lose money).

2) Due to multi currency hedging strategy, this EA test strategy uses the principle of USDJPY and EURJPY strategy for back testing

3) This EA can adapt to all kinds of unexpected news and market crash to a great extent, but due to the leverage, you need to set the risk parameters reasonably, and it is recommended to use the default parameters

4) Four currency hedging arbitrage is not afraid of high spread platform, and can make stable profits in a long time.

However, it is recommended to use a platform with low inventory cost, and the position time is about 3-20 days

5) This EA is a non violent EA.

It can’t make you quick and profitable in a short time.

It can only provide long-term and stable profitability.

Please be patient and wait for the profitability

This is a multi currency hedge trading system, you only need to open a chart to exchange all currencies.


Time range: H4

Minimum deposit: over $2000

Parameter setting

Groups1currency1: a group of currencies

Groups1currency2: a group of currency 2

Groups2currency 1: two groups of currency 1

Groups2currency 2

Groups3currenty1: three groups of currencies one

Groups3currenty2: three groups of currency 2

Groups4currency1: four groups of currencies one

Groups4currency2: four groups of currency 2

Lots: fixed order quantity. If autolots is set, this parameter will not take effect

Magic: single magic number of policy

Risk: when autolots is true, the risk value is 1-100. The larger the parameter is, the larger the order quantity is

Autolots: if it is true, the order quantity will be calculated automatically based on your deposit. If it is false, lots will be used

Statisticaldays: count days

Kaidanyinzi: billing factor, value 0-1

Dazhouqiyinzi: large period factor, value 0-1

Yingliyinzi: profit factor, value 0-1

Scalein: whether to add warehouse or not, it is recommended not to add warehouse

Distance of filling

MaximumPosition: the maximum position of each pair of currencies. If the ScaleIn is true, it will take effect. When the automatic order quantity is used, the additional position will not increase the risk. The more the maximum position is, the smaller the order quantity will be

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