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Product Description

RMI EA UNLIMITED FOREX MT4 System Metatrader4 Expert Advisor Forex Robot Trading

The RMI Forex EA is one of the best EA’s we’ve ever created with over 13 years of profitable trading history. It’s been in development for over 6 years. It looks for the best range trading opportunities using a 2 indicator combination system. The RMI Forex EA can make profit every single month and has had only 3 losing months in the past 13 years! It uses an intelligent hedging money management system across multiple pairs.  It doesn’t trade every day. It looks for the best trading opportunities weekly. It’s an EA with the long-term investor in mind.

  • Only 3 losing months in 13 years!
  • Trades every week
  • Trades the GBPCAD and AUDCAD like a pro.
  • Uses hedging techniques to turn losing trades into winners
  • Makes a profit every month
  • Finds the best places to range trade the market
  • Trades better than most humans!


How much profit is expected monthly?

 My recommended settings should give you 3-5% profit a month trading on the GBPCAD and AUDCAD. Although it’s not recommended, Risk can be increased further for more profit! 

What strategy/methodology does the RMI EA use?

It uses a 2 indicator range trading strategy. The RMI Forex EA looks for pullbacks within the market after a strong trend has taken place. 

What is the minimum starting balance to the RMI forex EA?

It’s recommended to start with at least a $1000 account. A $100 “Cent” trading account is possible. 

What pairs can the RMI forex EA be used on?

It’s recommended to use the RMI forex EA only on the GBPCAD and AUDCAD. Although not recommended, the RMI forex EA can be used on any pair. 

What is the best timeframe to use the RMI forex EA on?

The M30 timeframe is the best to use with the default RMI forex EA settings. 

What is the best RMI forex EA settings?

The default settings are recommended. 


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