FOREX GOLD INVESTOR EA Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor

FOREX GOLD INVESTOR EA Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor

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Product Description


The true revolution in GOLD Trading!


– the preferred trading system for
serious investors from precious metals

Forex GOLD Investor - frequent trading to maximize profits

Frequent trading to maximize profits

Forex GOLD Investor - compatible with metatrader 4

Full MT4 Compatibility

Forex GOLD Investor - Easy Installation

Easy 5 minute installation

Forex GOLD Investor - Drawdown Protection

Draft Protection System

Forex GOLD Investor - the best trading algorithm

Accurate input and output algorithms

Forex GOLD Investor - trade for a long time

The revolutionary trading system “Go Long”

Forex GOLD Investor - money management system

Intelligent cash management system

Forex GOLD Investor - Fully Automated

Fully Automated – Just Set-and-Forget

Forex GOLD Investor EA

+9846.7 PIPS  PROFIT

Live performance on a fully verified Myfxbook account

Deals Won: 75% | Profit Ratio: 1.53


Get the most advanced advisor we have ever developed, guaranteed a scientific profit  from the gold market

(Proven Investment “Confident Bet”)
Vision is faith …

Why gold is the ideal strategy for experienced investors seeking constant high returns – minimal loss

Forex GOLD Investor - a forex robot with an excellent strategy

World economic markets are on a shaky ground.

Political uncertainty is crushing investors, and smart investors are looking for a smart strategy that wins when markets rise or fall.

Successful investors are looking for an advantage. A small advantage that you can use again and again to make a profit in the bank. The question that we most often hear is

“How can I protect my tough winnings during the uncertainty?”

Our answer?

Precious metals. In particular, GOLD.

Traders have always used gold as a hedge against stock market downturns. But what you may not know is that winning investor trading (and profit) from gold – when the time is good or bad!

Why are precious metals easier to trade than ever?

Forex GOLD Investor - trading precious metals easily with the best forex robot

First, you must know this …

Others would like to leave you outside the market complaining about how tough gold trading is for the average guy.

Do not believe it. Trading precious metals is easy when you have the right tools.

Trading Gold is trading in any currency. Just connect it to your favorite MT4 platform and start trading.

In fact … we think that trading gold is easier than trading most currencies.


Unlike stocks, the price movements of goods are linear, which simplifies their forecasting. All you need to know is that events cause price movements.

Gold has another advantage –

Expert traders and history agree that long-term gold price forecasts are  bullish.
– especially since –

A new breed of smart algorithms – this is a
rollover of the game in your favor

Until now, only mega-rich people could benefit from lightning-fast trading systems and complex systems developed by computer scientists and physicists.

Never again.

In fact –

For a limited time, you have the opportunity to profit from the same technology that elite traders use every day (but without spending millions, creating their own algorithms).

We call him Forex GOLD Investor, and he is already making waves …

Why is Forex GOLD Investor the most advanced precious metals trading system we have ever created
(… and a secret that others will not tell you)!


Most EA creators sell a promise to make money.
They just want you to purchase the software and forget to get a refund when it doesn’t work.
The bottom line is that they don’t have a clue how their “cannot lose software” works.


So, here is how Forex GOLD Investor provides excellent trading results:

Forex GOLD Investor - the best time to buy and sell gold

IntraDay Gold Price Cycles

We learned that there is time to buy and sell gold. We know the best times to trade. We entered this data into the Forex GOLD Investor.

Forex GOLD Investor - frequent transactions

Frequent professions

Forex GOLD Investor will actively trade throughout the trading session – maximizing the potential for your profit.

Forex GOLD Investor - proven entry and exit logic

Tested Logon Entry and Exit

Forex GOLD Investor introduces a trading position depending on the time and the best trading scenarios, such as “buy on deep” and “buy on strong” impulse.

The logic of entering the Forex market GOLD Investors combines several highly efficient algorithms for reducing profits and reducing costs. Our exit algorithms close all transactions at the right time – protect profits and minimize any losses

Forex GOLD Investor - 4 proven trading strategies in one

Get 2 proven trading strategies packaged in one fully automated trading system.

Forex GOLD Investor - an intelligent money management system

Our smart cash management system protects your profits.

Forex GOLD Investor - the best forex robot gives you the best recommendations

Stable market conditions? It does not matter. Forex GOLD Investor gives you the best recommendations in all situations.

Forex GOLD Investor - highly adaptive algorithms

No need to keep an eye on this EA with complex optimization. Forex GOLD Investor uses highly adaptive algorithms to perfectly implement your strategy.

Forex GOLD Investor - the best peformers in one powerful trading strategy

We tested hundreds of models and combined the best performers in one powerful trading strategy.

Forex GOLD Investor - meets the needs of any trader, regardless of level of experience

It is designed to meet the needs of any trader, regardless of level of experience.

Forex GOLD Investor - a fully automated trading system

It is designed for 100% installation and forgetting.

Check these results and see how the Forex GOLD investor receives results in the market. Every trading session


A true secret that can surpass the market and profit from your pocket

Emotions sabotage even the best traders.

Our experience shows that traders who flawlessly carry out a winning strategy win the market. Forex GOLD Investor does just that. He takes a set of street smart and proven trading basics and performs his job flawlessly.

Forex GOLD Investor:

Forex GOLD Investor - adaptive algorithms execute every trade perfectly

Completely automatic: it does not swing from emotions. Our adaptive algorithms perform every transaction perfectly.

Forex GOLD Investor - one of the most trusted experts.

One of the most trusted experts. Our team has conducted EA stress testing with historical tests and thousands of real deals.

Forex GOLD Investor - complex enough for experienced and simple enough for new GOLD traders

Complicated enough for veterans and simple enough for new gold dealers. No need to learn an inch-thick manual to start trading – just follow a few basic rules.

Forex GOLD Investor - developed by professional traders

Forex GOLD Investor was developed by professional traders and programmers  with a great deal of experience.

Perhaps you think that any adviser can match the performance of Forex GOLD Investor. This can be a very costly mistake. In fact, we spoke with investors who were ripped off and lost thousands trying to work with other experts.

Do not make the same mistake –

Are you confused if …

Your advisor recommends “retesting”

Losing a strategy to win with testing backtests

Anyone can prepare books and turn a losing strategy into a winner with dummy testing.

Laboratory Experts

Exotic strategies list scalping spread and slippage

This is a list of exotic strategies. Scalping and slippage strategies that work only under ideal conditions.

Heart attack

Perform transactions without stop loss

EAs that execute trades without stop loss. These experts build up short-term gains and then erase any gains in one bad trade.

“Amateur hour”

EAs created by amateur traders

90% of market experts are built by amateur traders and sold by unscrupulous marketers.

Why do gold traders trust our algorithms
to dominate the market

We are traders who have spent thousands of hours researching, developing and testing the best trading algorithms for the precious metals market.

We use Forex GOLD Investor. We depend on our growth algorithms and protect our investments. This is not just a product for us. This is our life, and we left nothing to chance.

Forex GOLD Investor went through a three-stage development process designed to minimize risk and create the most profitable EA.


We tested all tested “deep shopping”, “buy and hold”, “scalp trend” and other strategies aimed at developing momentum and trends.


We selected the best models and


Improved and improved top models of highly efficient proprietary algorithms.

Over the past 12 years, we have tested and developed our trading algorithms and strategies.
We know the winners when we see them.

Forex GOLD Investor – the winner!

It’s time to get Forex GOLD Investor for your next trading session.

What you will get with Forex GOLD Investor

Our experts have been market leaders for many years. You will receive the same service and customer support that made our products standard for excellence.

With your investment in Forex GOLD Investor you will receive.

Forex GOLD Investor - the best forex robot, fully compatible with the MT4 trading platform

Forex Trading System GOLD Investor

Complete Forex Trading System GOLD Investor. Fully compatible with your MT4 trading platform

Forex GOLD Investor - works for 5 minutes with our quick start guide

Forex Gold Investor Quick Launch Guide

Get Forex GOLD Investor in 5 minutes with our quick start guide.

Forex GOLD Investor - ask our team any question that you have

Quick response service

Have a question? Ask our team and we will answer your questions.

Forex GOLD Investor is a proprietary cash management system integrated into Forex GOLD Investor

Safe Money Management System

Our latest proprietary cash management system is integrated into the Forex GOLD Investor system.

Forex GOLD Investor - install and execute EA, the rest will be done using an adaptive robot algorithm

Fully Automated Algorithmic Trading

Forex GOLD Investor “installed and forgotten.” Install and run EA. Our adaptive algorithm takes care of the rest.

Forex GOLD Investor - Life Update

Lifetime Updates

You are entitled to all future updates of the Forex GOLD Investor algorithm – for free.


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