EA Black Star Premium Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor Forex

EA Black Star Premium Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor Forex

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Product Description

EA Black Star Premium


EA Black Star Premium Hybrid Advisor   can trade in fully automatic mode or accompany orders opened by the user according to two strategies.

  • In automatic mode,  auto  adviser is price consolidation area. When the price leaves this zone, a position is opened. If it did not close by take profit, and there was an intersection of the consolidation zone on the opposite side, the adviser will open a locking position with an increased volume.
  • In recovery mode, the   user opens the first order using the advisor panel, and it is followed in exactly the same way as in automatic mode.
  • In the third grid mode, the   user opens a position using the panel (it is also possible to open pending orders), and the adviser extends the grid to exit the position.

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In automatic mode, the default settings for eurusd gbpusd usdcad m15 are recommended

Input parameters

The adviser works on both four- and five-digit quotes. In the input parameters we indicate the values ​​in points as for 5 characters, it will automatically recalculate everything into 4 characters.

  • Choose Trade Option  – choose a trading method:  auto ,  recovery  or  grid ;
  • NewCycle  – when the mode is turned on, the adviser works without stops, when the mode is turned off, the EA will not open new orders at the end of a series of transactions;
  • Start Lots  – initial lot;
  • Autolot  – enable / disable automatic lot calculation;
  • Autolot size  – the amount of deposit for which the EA will use Lot when Autolot is enabled  ;
  • Lot Multiplier  – lot multiplier for the second and subsequent orders;
  • Grid Mode Order  – from which order is the transition from Auto  mode to Grid mode  performed  ;
  • Max Lot  – maximum lot for the EA;
  • MaxOrders  – the maximum allowed number of orders, if the grid mode is for each direction;
  • Distance  – parameter for working in manual tracking mode, means the distance between orders;
  • Take Profit, points  – take profit in points;
  • Orders for Take Profit2  – the order from which Take Profit 2 will be applied;
  • Take Profit 2, points  – take profit applied from the order specified in  Orders for Take Profit2;
  • Stop Loss  – stop loss in the deposit currency;
  • Trail Start, points  – profit in points at which a trailing stop is activated;
  • Trail Distance, points  – at what distance from the price a trailing stop will appear;
  • Overlap Order  – enable / disable overlapping of losing orders with the last order for grid mode  ;
  • Overlap order number  – from which order will the overlap by the last order work in order;
  • Overlap percent  – percentage of profit for overlapping orders;
  • Start Time / Stop Time  – start and end time for opening the first order by an adviser;
  • FontSize  – setting the font size in the panel;
  • Magic  – a magic number by which the EA distinguishes its positions from other orders.
EA Black Star Premium
EA Black Star Premium


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