Critical Volume Detector Unlimited

Critical Volume Detector Unlimited

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Indicator: Critical Volume Detector.ex4 (Unlimited)
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My dear clients,
I am proud to introduce an amazing indicator designed for super accurate trading on any forex pair and time frame be it M1 or even W1.
The tool provides very strong reversal signals based on my new volume calculation formula.
The indicator detects critical volume patterns and provides you with very easy to use buy and sell arrow signals and stop loss and take profit levels.
Moreover I’ve added a very unique take profit calculation method based on volume analysis which allows you to predict precise take profit levels which the price can reach with super high probability.

The Critical Volume Detector software can be used for Forex and Binary options trading.
It provides you with accurate NON REPAINT and NON LAG signals.
I guarantee the signals DO NOT REPAINT and DO NOT LAG at all.
Also the signals DO NOT DISAPPEAR and DO NOT RECALCULATE after chart refresh or platform restart.

Please look at the screenshots I made on various charts.
All signals are real and are not cherry picked.

The Critical Volume Detector software provides you with high quality non-repaint and zero lag BUY and SELL signals which you can use for trading on any forex pair and time frame.
The software provides you with all types of alerts so you can trade even on the go.
It can send you push notifications with exact entry price, stop loss and take profit level.

I provide real signals here down below going one by one for several forex pairs on various time frames.
This trading method can be applied to any forex pair and time frame.
Absolutely STRESS-FREE and EASY trading experience!

Kind regards,


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