SmartFX ULTIMATE EA – Professional Scalper Unlimited

SmartFX ULTIMATE EA – Professional Scalper Unlimited

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SmartFX ULTIMATE EA is for Smart & Intelligent Traders

FXID ULTIMATE EA cost $1250 and it is not for everyone. The smart & intelligent traders will immediately see it, inspect it, be convinced by its performance and gladly pay the premium price to reap premium profits.

Many Forex Traders pay for seminars and workshop. They buy lots of Forex Books and other tools which all together are very expensive. Or they trade manually and lose $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, even $10,000 or $50,000 and still they haven’t done anything to improve these situations.



FXID ULTIMATE EA (BT 2016-2018) | The EA That Can Always Win!
But the SmartFX ULTIMATE EA will give you the financial freedom!

FXID ULTIMATE EA Forex Robot is a result of years of successful manual trading and several months of programming in MQL4 language.

EA trades only when market is in perfect condition to bring the most profits from the market movement .

If there are no such conditions, EA will not trade.

Broker of Choice for this EA: ALL BROKERS AND ALL ACCOUNTS TYPE.

(We always recommend to open a separate account to run this EA)

Recommended Broker for International Clients is:

Recommended Broker for US Clients is:

FX Choice Ltd and you can sign up free by clicking this here

SmartFX ULTIMATE EA Features:

  • It can trade on any good reliable broker with ECN account or Standard account
  • Minimum starting balance is $100 — $1000
  • Recommended starting balance is >$2000
  • Recommendation Leverage: >1:200 — >1:1000
  • Guaranteed monthly gain 30%-300% (depends on market condition)
  • Fully automated running 24H nonstop even on news release*
  • Very safe and consistent, not martingale
  • No experience required
  • For MetaTrader 4 Platform
  • Easy setup and installation (Dedicated IT team will assist you through the process)
  • This EA is a Set & Forget money making machine, act as a passive income
  • It takes occasional small loses with small drawdowns
  • It has a great recovery rate
  • It has fully customizable settings that have dozens of variations from low to high risk settings, different take profit or stop loss in percent and in money parameters.​

What are requirements to run SmartFX ULTIMATE EA ?

  • You need Metatrader 4 platform from any brokers.
  • You need a live account on a reliable broker, any type of accounts from ECN, Standard, etc.
  • 100 USD of minimum deposit on your live account.
  • Optional* VPS — virtual server that will run our expert advisor 24/7. This is not mandatory if you have an option to run Metatrader 4 on any PC with our expert advisor 24/7 and never need to close down the MT4 or change connection to a different account.​

Trading Style of SmartFX ULTIMATE EA

FXID ULTIMATE EA trades in a very special way that is unique in every way. Exact rules and code behind it cannot be disclosed, however, what can be said is that it enter trades based on the most movements, be it small or big, which delivers a great edge in profiting in the short and long term.

It does not use martingale techniques and it does not trade on grid. Only pure price action based on our custom indicator, trend detection, candle heights, wave pattern, and oscillator.

It has a tendency to enter several trades per day on average. The EA will only trades on a favorable opportunities and a perfect market conditions.


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