BANCOMAT v3.1 EA Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Forex Trading

BANCOMAT v3.1 EA Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Forex Trading

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Content: Expert: BANCOMAT 3.1_fix.ex4 (Unlocked)NO MANUAL.

Note: This product is using custom DLL “msimg32.dll”
Some antivirus may block it as it authenticates the software with communicating with the vendor’s server. Its a false alarm and you need to make your antivirus allow it with whitelisting the dll file. Please only purchase this product if you are ok with this.

The Expert Advisor does not require setting and optimization of parameters

  • At the same time, the advisor trades on 20 currency pairs. The principle of trading is hedging (transaction insurance).
  • Thanks to this principle, the EA does not enter into large drawdowns.
  • Regulation of profitability is achieved by changing the lot.
  • The minimum recommended deposit is from 500 usd with a lot of 0.01. At the same time, the expected profit will be 7-15% per month.
  • The rest of the parameters can be left as they are. Or, if you want to set closing at a given value of the total profit or when the equity of the entire account grows.
  • The cross on the left side of the table is the disconnection of the currency pair from trading.
  • If you want to completely stop the EA, then click all the crosses and wait until the EA closes all open positions.
  • Further, he will not open new deals.
  • When you click on the profit button, the advisor will offer to close the currently available profit for this pair.
  • The two right columns are the profit for the current day and the total profit since the EA was launched.
  • In the right information window, the advisor informs you what actions it performs.
  • The advisor works on both MT5 and MT4, but unfortunately it is impossible to test the MT4 version in the tester and for this reason it is not in the market, but you can get it for free after purchasing an MT5 advisor, for this, after the purchase, contact the PM.


  • WindSize = 1.2; – the size of the table cells for better display on the screen.
  • You can set a value larger if the text does not fit into the column.
  • Plus_font_size = 0; – Font size. 0- standard size 1 – 2 3 4 … the font will be larger
  • AlertON – enable or disable alerts informing about opening and closing positions. (information in the window about positions will be in any case)
  • endMailInfo – send message to email
  • Lot – order volume. I recommend betting 0.01 with a deposit of less than 500 usd.
  • For cent accounts and other deposit currencies, you need to select a lot.
  • You can do it with optimization or simple testing.
  • K_Correlation_Open – the minimum correlation coefficient at which positions can be opened.
  • I recommend setting it 0.7-0.9. It does not make sense to set it more than 1, since the correlation cannot be more than 100%.
  • MinProfitClose – minimum profit for closing positions. If you trade in large volumes, then put it at 10-50 usd so that positions on the reverse delta are not closed at a loss.
  • When trading with lot 0.01, you can set it = 0.
  • quityCloseProfit – closing by% equity gain. Let’s say it costs 1% – the advisor will open and close positions, and when the equity grows by 1%, then all current positions, including those that are unprofitable for the entire account, will be closed.
  • SumProfitClose – the total profit of all open positions at which they are closed. You can leave 0 as the advisor for each pair carries out its automatic calculation and closes the pairs separately. But it can be useful in cases when a large number of transactions are open at the same time.
  • LossClose – total loss at which the advisor will close all positions. Specified in the deposit currency (you need to put a negative number, for example – 1000 USD)
  • ProfitClosePercent – Profit trailing rollback in% If set to 0, the EA will immediately close positions upon reaching the calculated profit.
  • If you put, for example, 50%, then the adviser will trail the profit at the level of 50% until it closes the deal on the rollback of this profit.
  • MaxOrders – the maximum possible number of open positions for each pair. (not for all pairs together, namely for each) I recommend not to allow more than 3 openings.


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