CTS – Cluster Trader System Indicator Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Forex Trading

CTS – Cluster Trader System Indicator Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader 4 Forex Trading



Product Description

Why Cluster Trader System?


What does a trader need to become an earner?

Emotional discipline

Discipline comes with rejection.

You can only rehearse what is objective, clear and simple.

Therefore, each trade in this system consists of 3 simple steps , by repeating which you will get used to being a systematic and profitable trader.


Order the licensed version of the system for the MT4 platform and start observing radical changes in your thinking, habits and actions at the time of trading, which will inevitably affect the growth of your deposit.



What’s in the system?


✔ Indicator of key levels

✔ TC buy / sell market reversal arrows 

✔ Trend change program (bar rotation)

✔ Trading rules for weak bottom / top, reversal bottom / top patterns

✔ Position management system when profits are 3-5 times higher than stop losses

✔ Lifetime online support for programmers and community experts

✔ Step-by-step guide with the rules for entering the market

✔ Instructions for setting up and installing



Examples of transactions in the system





Questions from traders before ordering


How is access to training organized?

Within 15 minutes after ordering, you will receive ready-made system files, instructions for installing a manual with signals and trading rules, as well as access to an online chat.


Is it difficult to install indicators?

Installation takes place in 5 – 6 clicks according to the instructions


What platform can I install the system on? Does the broker matter?

To the  MT4 platform. The broker doesn’t matter.


What markets and timeframes can I use the system on?

On any markets and timeframes.


How long is a full license issued and how long is support provided?

License and support are provided indefinitely


How quickly can I understand all the principles of trading?

The time our traders spend on understanding the principles of trading in the system is no more than 5 days. The rest of the time you trade according to the rules and track the results.


Is there a training on the system?

Yes. Training takes place in a closed chat from 17:30 to 19:00 Moscow time. Monday through Thursday.


What happens in a private chat?

Live trading, analysis of completed transactions in the system, answers to traders’ questions, planning transactions for the future.


Can I trade on the system on my own without visiting the online chat?

Yes. You will have a tutorial with screenshots. Each trade has 3 simple rules. It is impossible to get confused.


Still have questions?

Email us [email protected]


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